Monday, April 23, 2012

1 year My World Tour Indonesia

     it's 23 April 2012, i can't believe it's already one year since Justin my world tour to Indonesia concert!! I want to replay that moment when Justin in SICC, And it's been  1 year since alyssa became the OLLG ( one less lonely girl) so envy with her, Justin hug and gave her flower!! lucky alyssa.

   Flashback last year, our promotor is run away i haven't got my ticket to the concert but i already paid, so there i start crying and we buy another ticket from 'CALO' It's more expensive.God bless that people!!  i went there with my sist friends we're 7ppl. Many Beliebers were purple shirt (Justin favorite color <3) as i do.  And you know there's no public toilet!! And i'm waiting four believe tour, start saving from right now!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jalan Santai 2012

    What a great Jalan santai with 'Keuskupan Agung Medan' today. We start our journey from jln.Iman bonjol until Merdeka walk. Me with the others student from the others school had so much fun today,  although it's rainy we keep cheer up. But it was very very tiring.

Rombongan Saint Joseph JHS

ms.Rugun our english teacher

So much fun for today and tired need rest! Our teachers is so kind and they all were the same shirt and sneakers.And it's so crowded there. And i had my late breakfast at MCdonalds I'm lovin it!!   my  bed is calling for me, bye!! xx

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Late Easter Day

      Happy Easter!! i know it's 19th april 2012 but our school just did Easter celebration today, so i call it 'late Easter day' i have so much fun today! especially thank you for this all memories with my seniors, good luck for your UN in Monday God bless non stop! We went to church and celebrated Easter with decorating our easter egg


Loving this day, I'm still hoping that there's another farewell party Godspeed.
And good luck for my senior to fight UN. i can't believe that i will face UN in one next 11 months

DIY: plastic rope rainbow skirt

   So i made this for my art project in school. Our group decided to dance Papua dance so we made this skirt for our presentation. My mom teach me to make this one she's so creative!
How to make! all you need is : plastic rope and scissors

and you just do like this



4. and you just do like this over and over again 
and here you are a plastic rope rainbow skirt

Sunday, April 15, 2012

hot 10 song must have on iPod

1. what makes you beautiful - one direction 


                                             2. boyfriend - Justin Bieber

                                           3. Starships - Nicki minaj

                                           4. Part of me - Katy Perry

                                           5. Call me maybe - Carly rae Jepsen


                                       6. save & sound - Taylor swift

                                          7. Brokenhearted - Karmin
                                         8. Laserlight - Jessi j


                                          9. International love - Pitbull

                                         10. we are young - fun

Sunday, April 8, 2012


                I have the best besties in the world! haha, Actually we are 5 but time flies so fast we become only 3! I don't know since when we are in friends but i guest when we was in primary school. This crazy people is always beside me, they are kerin and hanny. i can't imagine when we are getting older and have a cute child and our child get married LOL!!

tjong a fie mansion 26 march 2011

school day

teachers day, i love kerin faces :*

ret reat nagahuta 2012

ret reat Nagahuta 2012

pensi 9 February 2012

Tjong a fir mansion 26 march 2011


farawell party 2011

school day 2011

school day 2011

wak noer 5april 2012

3 musketeers <3

"A true friend is someone who can look at you with the biggest smile on your face and still tell something is wrong- anonymous"

going little crazy

         Ah so crazy for the test tomorrow! physics test killing me i haven't study yet. School start tomorrow and i had physics test. c'mon seriously?! Easter just past why don't you share a happiness for a while an Easter egg maybe haha. i just hate physics lesson, i don't know what it is just soooooo boring while my teachers is explaining. He always choose me for answering the question. why physics does exist God!! although our school has given our mid test score i m on 4th place! thank you!!! But i have to study hard for final test!!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

PRADA flame shoes

                                                                                                                                              ( all photos are taken from Google)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


                   I've been waiting for a months for post a new look on lookbook, and finally i did it!! yeay I'm so happy!! We went to waknoer coffee shop very unique and vintage.

and thank you for kepang-ing my hair dear @kernvs <3

and we end our journey at es teler 77 

  •     collar lace top - ladies | skirt - ladies | shoes - adorable project Indonesia