Monday, April 23, 2012

1 year My World Tour Indonesia

     it's 23 April 2012, i can't believe it's already one year since Justin my world tour to Indonesia concert!! I want to replay that moment when Justin in SICC, And it's been  1 year since alyssa became the OLLG ( one less lonely girl) so envy with her, Justin hug and gave her flower!! lucky alyssa.

   Flashback last year, our promotor is run away i haven't got my ticket to the concert but i already paid, so there i start crying and we buy another ticket from 'CALO' It's more expensive.God bless that people!!  i went there with my sist friends we're 7ppl. Many Beliebers were purple shirt (Justin favorite color <3) as i do.  And you know there's no public toilet!! And i'm waiting four believe tour, start saving from right now!!!

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